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Verson of the Chicago Flag in the colors of the Transgender Flag | T-MAC Chicago


To find out about upcoming T-MAC events and other trans-related events in Chicago, we encourage you to sign up for our monthly email list  and join our private Discord server.

Discord Server Rules

  1. You can join our Discord by clicking here. Elliot B. is the main moderator on the Discord, so contact them here if you are having trouble getting in, if the link isn't working, or you have questions/concerns. Please introduce yourself in the introductions channel once you arrive in the server. Once you've shared your name, age, and pronouns, a moderator will let you into the rest of the server.

  2. Post in the appropriate channels. Please keep all 18+/nsfw images and discussions in the 18+/nsfw channels.  "Highs' is for wins, victories, and happy things. "Lows" is for misery, heartbreak, and unhappy things.

  3. “What happens at T-MAC, stays at T-MAC.” Do not repost personal text, images, or other content originally posted here without the express permission of everyone involved.

  4. Honor the diversity of people's identities and opinions. There is no ‘right way’ to be trans or nonbinary.

  5. Practice respectful dialogue and assume positive intent from other posters. Do not post hate speech, slurs, or personal attacks. If you feel someone is not posting in good faith, report the post or contact a moderator. Bigoted or hateful comments may result in your comments being deleted, or your account being removed from the group.

  6. Put warnings on potentially triggering content, including discussions of sexual assault or severe dysphoria. If you aren't sure if your content is triggering, err on the side of caution. Use || on either side of an image or link for potentially triggering content.

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