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T-MAC Presentations and Notes

The shared Google Drive for T-MAC is an ever-growing body of knowledge from T-MAC meetings and discussions that is free to access and use.  These presentations are composed by members, not medical professionals or other experts, so please do not take them as authoritative. If you are having trouble accessing the presentations please reach out to

Resources on our shared drive include:

Guides and Documents

Sample Name Change and Gender Forms (updated February 2022)

VoiceLab Voice Training Resources (December 2022)

Recorded Presentations

TJLP Guide to Legal Name and Gender Marker Changes  (March 2024)

Access with Passcode: 5V=%QSs0

Slide Decks

Hysterectomy: What, Why, & How (September 2023)

Top Surgery (August 2023)

Legal Name and Gender Change Guide (February 2022)

Navigating Health Insurance (June 2023)

Transmasc History (June 2023)

Testosterone Presentation (2023)

Applying to College/University and Other Higher Ed Considerations (August 2023)

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